There Is A Dream...

(Inspired by Russ Adams)

.......To live in a place that is surrounded by thousands of fruit and nut trees of every variety, beautiful gardens and flowers, all organically share that place with the healthiest, most beautiful, clear, vegetarian men, women and children; and to work harmoniously with each of them on uplifting and educating the human race to the highest, healthiest standard of living.

This place is called the "Garden of Eden", and just as it exists in mind, it can exist in reality.

It supercedes money and material wealth. It is a place of overabundance that follows and honors the highest moral laws of nature!

It is a way of life, and a place where life-giving fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains are served in their highest uncooked state of ripeness for all to enjoy with the result being super health for all who live there.

Some religions of the past understood it and lived the higher way but many of their teachings have been lost, misinterpreted, or translated incorrectly, over thousands of years.

However, we can create and live in such places on this world by gathering ourselves together mentally and committing ourselves and our resources to manifesting these places into physical reality, as God reveals this lost ecological way of life to us again!

The key word is "commitment" on the part of all of us who are interested in living in such places. Par excellence! Commitment of whatever each of us is able to give freely with love for the betterment of our beloved planet earth and all who live here.

Time, energy, and money are all the things required for success. If we all commit to action "immediately" on this project and write down what energy, amount of time, or financial aid we can give, it can happen in the twinkling of a thought and the Garden of Eden can reappear again on the planet as a model for the community and the human race to see and learn about: health, peace and love of the creation. Learn as much as you can from these papers and go for it!!! God bless you! What are you waiting for?... An Ice Age?...the end of the world?

If someone told you: "Well, the world is going to end, anyway, what difference does it make?" I would say to them: "How are you preparing for your next lifetime? If you believe in the God of the Bible, what better gift to God could you create, than to give God your own version of a Garden of Eden, out of gratitude for the Garden of Eden that He(She) Himself / Herself created? Maybe then in your next lifetime you could live in a real Eden!!!"

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