What is the Garden of Eden Project?

The Garden of Eden Project (GOEP) is an educational program to show people that "Gardens of Eden" can be created for everyone (and by everyone) on Earth who wants it, eventually! The GOEP is also a growing number of people working together cooperatively, sharing skills with each other in an effort to manifest the solutions to the social, ecological and health problems here on planet Earth!

"There is a dream: To live in a place that is surrounded by thousands of fruit and nut trees of every variety...beautiful gardens and flowers, all organically grown...to share that place with the most beautiful, clear, vegetarian men, women and children...and to work harmoniously with each of them on uplifting the human race to the highest, healthiest standard of living. This place is called 'The Garden of Eden', and just as it exists in mind, it can exist in reality." (Quote from Russ Adam's paper: There Is A Dream. Russ is a Garden of Eden Project initiator / worker / coordinator / networker.)

The Garden of Eden Project (GOEP) is designed to promote the widespread planting of a many varieties of fruit and nut trees in such a landscaped-type way as to make the place where they are planted to be an attractive, eye-appealing place to habitate for many years, for people to watch their dreams grow....right before their very eyes!

I am a visionary writer and artist. I am coming to you as part of the Garden of Eden Project, to promote the Garden of Eden Project. In The Garden of Eden Project World-Wide Fact Sheet you can see that it would require less than 12% of the total, inhabited land area of the Earth (which is significantly less land than many countries are currently using for agriculture) to create Gardens of Eden for virtually every man, woman and child on Earth (@ ½ acre of land per person: 1/4 acre to feed one person; and 1/4 acre to allow room for shelter, recreational and miscellaneous activities for one person) Incidently, there is currently enough land on Earth for all humans [about 7.7 billion people] to have 4.3 acres each! Also, livestock graze on ½ of Earth's land area(1) .) Japan and China are the only major countries, that I researched, that would need to relocate some of its people for them to live totally from the land. India, on the other hand, currently only uses about half its agricultural land for humans!

As far as the restoration of the Native American habitats go: in the United States, for example, since it would only require about 6% of the land for everyone in the nation to have a ½ acre of land for their own food supply (@ 7.3 lbs./day, average), shelter and recreational space, that means 94% of the land is left over. People desiring to live the Native American lifestyle in a Native American habitat, perhaps could be permitted to restore up to 80% of the total land area, leaving about 14% as cities, to be used basically as factories and high-tech centers.

My belief is that eventually we will be able to migrate to other planets to resolve our future population problems, instead of the governments of the world, today, killing people by means of high-tech militaries to achieve this. (As implied above, the fact is we're NOT OVERPOPULATED, but we are OVERCROWDED in cities.) With high-tech computers working on this idea [including doing this ecologically], I believe that we really could, eventually, accomplish this goal. Where there's a will there's a way, but where there's no will there's no way! Apparently there is some misunderstanding in government and business that will eventually be revealed and corrected, so that the government and businesses are truly working FOR the people, and life on Earth, like it is supposed to do!

What will happen if "Gardens of Eden" don't begin to flourish? I believe that not enough people would be involved directly enough to restore the ecology of the Earth! Many people figure: "Well the world is going to end anyway, so what's the difference?" I figure: "Well, if the world's going to end, then what better way is there to prepare for my next lifetime, than by living this lifetime the way I would want to live my next lifetime! I got nothing to lose! Garden of Eden, all the way!


1. See the book: Diet For A New America by John Robbins, copyright 1987, Stillpoint Publishing Company; or click here for the EarthSave website: (http://www.earthsave.org)