(revised 4/23/2022)

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Often times we have heard on T.V. or other media that we humans are "overpopulated". This is supposed to imply that the ecological problem here on Earth is that there are just too many people, right? Wrong! I disagree with the term OVERPOPULATED to describe the ecological problems here on Earth!

OVERCROWDED is the correct term to use. Why? Because if people moved out of the cities and onto farmland and grew their own food, ALL KINDS of ecological problems would be solved!

The fact is that if you gave EVERYONE ON EARTH a quarter acre of land EACH, that would only require about 6% of the entire land surface of the Earth! Click on the CROP YIELD VERIFICATION link on the previous page to see the calculations showing that 1/4 acre produces an average yield of about 7 pounds of food per day for one person.

Then if you gave everyone on Earth another quarter acre for living and recreational space, combined with the quarter acre for food, that would be a half acre per person for everyone on Earth, which would require about 12% of the total land mass on Earth. By the way that's MORE individual space than the average person gets living in a city!

So look at the following chart that I created that shows how this 12% of the Earth;s surface is calculated: Garden of Eden World-Wide Fact Sheet You can also see this same sheet by going back to the INTRODUCTION page and simply clicking on the Garden of Eden World Wide Fact Sheet shown there.

Another ecological problem on Earth that is NOT due to too many people, but again points to OVERCROWDING is the MASSIVE amount of air pollution coming from millions of trucks everyday hauling MASSIVE amounts of food from the farmlands to the cities to feed people there. Also think of the MASSIVE amounts of pollution coming from all those giant tractors and farm equipment polluting the environment by farming with all this MASSIVE equipment for MASSIVE amounts of people living in cities!

If MASSIVE amounts of people lived directly on the land their food was growing on, again, we would SAVE MASSIVE amounts of both TRAFFIC and air pollution!

If there is an OVERPOPULATION problem here on Earth it is that there are TOO MANY ANIMALS RAISED FOR FOOD on this planet fueled by too many people eating meat!

So another reason we would not be considered overpopulated is that there would be enough food to feed us all, if we all were to eat a vegan diet. If there are people eating meat, well that means that there are lots of grain crops being grown just to feed livestock. A cow eats about 19 pounds of food per day at the feedlot. Think how many humans that could feed. If a human ate a quarter pound of wheat per day, it would take 76 humans to eat as much as a cow would eat in one day!! So we could grow a lot less wheat, for example, if we did not raise cows for meat and ate the grains and other crops fed to cows ourselves!

Ecologically speaking, it would be much better and more organic to be living directly on land where our food is coming from. The Garden of Eden lifestyle as outlined in this website would be the ideal lifestyle in SO MANY WAYS! And no one has to die because we are NOT OVERPOPULATED, we DO NOT need to get rid of people to solve our ecological problems folks!

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