Introduction to: Some Religious & Spiritual Ideas

In today's world, and especially in the United States of America, the Judaeo-Christian standard beliefs about spirituality, religion and ethics have some major flaws in them. For example, spirituality is defined relatively vaguely in many religious theologies, and then, even where it is better defined, we find that the definition does not very well align with Noah Webster's original definition of the word "spirit". The language we are now communicating in is American English, and what better standard of our language is there than Webster's original dictionary? If we are to speak about any religion, don't we want to reach the largest numbers of people possible? Can't we accomplish that by using a definition of any given word that is in the most commonly used dictionary of our time in the United States?

In the link THE REAL CREATION STORY, I have placed a very interesting story from the Internet. It is a relatively long story, but also very fascinating as well. You will not find this story in the Bible. You will find a lot of it in the Urantia Book. This is an eye witness accounting of the creation of the Universe by twin souls, Ari and Ava, who claim to be part of God's first creation. They can REMEMBER what it was like in the begining, shortly after Mother/Father God shared their most awesome LOVE with ALL of creation, in what is called the "Big Bang"!! They explain HOW evil came into being and much much more! Maybe you won't believe this is true. But if not, then I think you will find this to be some of the most interesting Sci-Fi you'll ever read! You got to check this out!!!

The paper entitled: INDO-EUROPEAN LANGUAGES is presented here to point out to you a very important fact that every English-speaking and European-language-speaking person should know. That is that the name "Indo-European" reveals something to us Westerners that few of us realize: English, German, Spanish, and nearly 100 other languages are all categorized by Webster's, The English Oxford Dictionary, Random House and others, as having common roots in ancient India! It's all right there in our public libraries, and I'll bet you not even 1 out of every 10 people even know it! But don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself!

In the sub-section entitled: WE ARE THE SPIRIT-SOUL, it is pointed out that Webster originally defined the word spirit as "the breath of life". However, since Webster sold the copyright to his name, other dictionary companies have put his name on their dictionaries, and have changed the definitions of various words. (Today, the Merriam-Webster version of "Webster's" is the only version still owned by the Webster family.) Among those definitions changed is the word "spirit". The definition of the word spirit in many dictionaries today is more vague and varied, thus you don't get the crystal-clear idea of what a spirit truly is! So, according to Webster, as pointed out in WE ARE THE SPIRIT-SOUL, a spirit would be "one who breathes", or perhaps more accurately. "one who must breathe air to live". Also pointed out in WE ARE THE SPIRIT-SOUL, is the fact that animals are spiritual beings too, since they also cannot live without breathing. I have heard from a few Christians that animals are not spiritual beings! Wrong!

What about the soul? Do animals have a soul? How do we decide if animals have a soul or not? What, do we do, ask them? Do we try to have an intelligent discussion with them? Animals cannot speak our language, but can we speak theirs? Gorillas do not have highly-developed vocal cords so they cannot speak like us, but they can learn to use sign language. Do they have a soul? I think so! And what about a Chinese person? Should we conclude that a Chinese person has no soul because when we asked them if they had a soul, they just looked at us blankly, like an animal would because they did not know English? Or how about a deaf-mute? Should we conclude that they have no soul because they cannot speak to us? Read what I have to say about souls and reincarnation in WE ARE THE SPIRIT-SOUL.

WHY I DON'T ACCEPT THE BIBLE AS TOTAL TRUTH is pretty much self-explanatory. Read it for more information about the idea.

If I was to associate myself with any particular religion, it would have to be Hinduism. If you read the section entitled: NOTES FROM: Am I A Hindu?, maybe you will understand why, and maybe even realize that you ARE a Hindu yourself! For example, Hindus pursue only absolute truth! In Hinduism, you can believe anything you want to believe, as long as you accept responsibility for whatever you believe. Hinduism has no hierarchy, no governing body and no establishment! They (and I) also believe that God accepts you anyway you wish to worship Him. A book often used by many Hindus, The Bhagavad Gita (4:11) says: "Whatever and whichever way men approach Me, even so do I accept them; whatever paths they may chose finally lead to Me.....". But seriously, folks, if you want to learn the most about Hinduism in a short period of time, get ahold of a copy of Am I A Hindu? This book is written in a question and answer type format between an American born 10 year old boy and his father, an Indian born Hindu. The boy asks all the questions that most Americans want to know about. To give you an idea, just read the page entitled: NOTES FROM: Am I A Hindu?

The LOVE ALL LIFE... paper begins to address some of the issues surrounding the meat-eating moral issues. There is a substantial quote from Jesus, as written in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The document: BRUTALITY: MAIN CROP OF FACTORY FARMS?; gives further testimony to these same type of mistreatments. INFO FOR NEW VEGETARIANS is a document that gives you many facts researched by EarthSave International, a non-profit foundation dedicated to educating people around the world about the ecological waste and uncompassionate treatment of livestock animals here in America, as well as the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet. Much surprising information here for the unknowing!

IS THIS HOW GOD WANTS US TO TREAT ANIMALS? paper show explicit photos of livestock animals as they are raised today in America. This, I'm afraid, is a sad- but-true testimony to large-scale, commonplace animal mistreatment to the nth degree, in America today.

DAILY DECREES is a prayer. It is simply a prayer that I found to be of value that might also inspire others (NOTE: "inspire" is from the root word "spirit"). It is certainly not the only prayer that I advocate!

Finally, to end this section: Some Religious & Spiritual Ideas, there is the AFFIRMATIONS paper. This is intended to be a self-esteem booster. If much of the material in this section is new to you or simply comes as a shock to you, reading this over may help you to regain your composure somewhat. The purpose of this section is NOT to shock you, but rather, primarily to educate you with a good dose of truth, a truth strong enough to shield you from the onslaught of semi-truths that we see daily in the mainstream media. If you have suspected that all was not quite right in "Eden", you are certainly right! It's time to spread the good news of the truth, i.e., that the Garden of Eden on earth is actually a very realistic idea that may actually save the planet from ultimate ecological destruction! Peace..........