Space Travel is Not Science Fiction

Here in the 2020s we see that NASA has been doing a lot these last few years. We also see that there are companies like SpaceX that have been pretty busy doing things in space. Also China, Russia, India, Japan and other countries have space programs going on these days. There has been an international space station orbiting above the Earth for several years now. The Hubble telescope, put into Earth orbit back in the 1980s, has been sending NASA quite a bit of data from space for over 30 years. And now NASA has a plan in place to start a colony on Mars in the nest couple of years! what does it all mean? It means that the stuff of science fiction of yesteryear in some cases is rapidly becoming science fact! I suppose many would consider that to be a good thing, others maybe not so much.

We see that mainstream media is now finally starting to show us stories of UFOs being reported regularly by U.S. military jet fighter pilots. Mainstream media is just now reporting on these things, but it is something that millions of people have known about for many years now. So apparently the U.S. government (and other governments around the world) are finally letting the cat out of the bag! Perhaps they figure that they can no longer hide it from us anymore anyway, so why not? Or maybe they are slowly, purposely educating us, the public, so we will not freak out and just finally realize that we humans are not alone in the Universe, that there are other intelligent life forms around, maybe some human-like, others not so human-like.

I believe all of the above to be the truth. After all, if the Universe really is infinitely large, it stands to reason that just about anything is possible. And if there is a God (or “The Force”, or whatever), it seems reasonable to me that God would NOT want to have a Universe DEVOID OF LIFE! It seems that God would love to have a huge variety of life forms all over the place, right? Surely by now I hope people understand that there is plenty of life out in the Universe, right?

I think that nowadays most people, whether they are religious or not, would concur that what I’ve said so far is pretty much the truth.

I also know that most people believe that there are very likely intelligent life forms that have been watching Earth’s civilizations for quite some time now. Some people might call these beings “aliens” while other may consider them “angels”, if they are of a more religious nature. In any case I for one. believe there are intelligent beings observing our behavior and our evolution too, you could say.

So all of these ideas could be expounded upon in many different directions. But there is something that I would like to bring up here that I wonder if many people have thought about yet. And that is that while there are likely intelligent beings watching us, the question is, what do they think about us human beings here on planet Earth?

Do they like us? Do they love us? Do they hate us? Are they here to harm us or are they here to help us in various ways? Very interesting ideas in my own mind.

I know human beings on Earth do a huge variety of activities. So what kind of activities do these alien beings who are watching us care about? And why would they even care? For example if they have been watching us for a very long time I’m sure they have noticed that in the 20th century we humans set off several types of nuclear bombs. Including a hydrogen bomb that was hundreds of times more powerful than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs.

If they saw these bombs go off they must surely have been wondering if we really knew what the hell we were doing! And now today the United States claims to have a bomb so powerful that they cannot even test it. As it would do too much damage to the Earth.

In May 2021 on the History Channel on cable TV on a program titled “Ancient Aliens” it was revealed by a U.S. military officer a few decades ago that UFOs came to his military base, hovered over the missle silos and shut down the control panels for U.S. nuclear missles! Military aircraft could do nothing to stop these UFOs but the UFOs did no harm to anyone. What these UFOs did do was, from their spacecraft, cause all the electronic control boards for the nuclear missles to malfunction and totally stop working! Then the spaceships flew away at an extremely fast rate of speed, much too fast for any military jet to follow it. This event I believe may have happened at several missle silos around the world, So these UFOs sent a very clear message to the world: stop using nuclear weapons! And maybe another message as well: stop war!

These types of events no doubt have made the governments of the world stand up and take notice that we are not the most technologically advanced beings in the Universe and they will NOT let us blow up planet Earth!

So there is plenty of evidence that there are more advanced beings than us in the Universe. We are definitely not alone.

By the way, the History Channel has lots of TV programs documenting LOTS of evidence of alien visitations going back thousands of years in our history. I highly recommend watching Ancien Aliens to get educated. The History Channel has other programs too, but Ancient Aliens is one I recommend.

So while this is all very interesting and informative stuff which I hope people will look info further, I have some concerns about our human race that aliens or angels or whatever you want to call them may NOT want the human race to advance any further into the Universe because we are kind of evil!

For example, I am sure that these beings, having watched us so long, are very aware that many of us like to eat animal flesh, or meat as we call it. These beings may think that this is a very bad thing. And for this reason they may not want us to leave Earth and go out into the Galaxy. In fact they may decide to destroy us because we are evil and the Universe doesn’t need a race of beings that likes to kill and eat animal flesh. And if we don’t stop eating animal flesh, they might decide to destroy us. They don’t need us, they don’t want to let us go any further than Earth. Maybe you don’t think they could do that? Hah, guess again! It would be very easy for them to destroy us.

In fact, to show how easy it might be for them to destroy us, again on the History Channel, there is a show about things that UFOs did in Russia, a few decades ago. UFOs came to a military silo base there and instead of making all the missle control panels malfunction, they decided to make all the missle silos begin their pre-launch sequence! The missle silos started to open up and the missles were going to launch! The military personnel there could not stop the pre-launch sequence and they were in a panic! This was going to be World War III if they could not stop them!

Fortunately the UFOs stopped the pre-launch sequence and the missles shut down. The aliens were just flexing their high-tech muscle to let the Russians know that they have a way to take control of our electronics and could easily destroy planet Earth if they choose to do so.

I do think that whoever these aliens are, they are giving us humans a chance to get our act together. We obviously need to really get our act together. It appears that they will not tell us what to do. That is totally up to us. WE have to fix our own problems. We must learn, ourselves, how to do this. But if we don’t get it right and we willfully refuse to be decent human beings, they can and will not let us survive on planet Earth.

So that is my message for the world. We need to get it together! We need to:
1.Stop war,
2.Stop exploiting animals by eating meat
3.Stop polluting the environment
4.Stop racism (if we can’t even love someone of another race, how will we get along with non-human alien beings that are way more different than just humans of a different skin color?)
5. EDUCATE OURSELVES with the truth. The media needs to be more truthful about EVERYTHING. The human race must truly come together as ONE. We need to truly care for each other and stop the B.S. or we ARE DOOMED. The Christians might see it as God destroying humanity because we are so evil.
6. Large corporations and billionaires need to share their money with the poorest among us
7. Governments of the world need to be righteous and work for the people, NOT big money!

SO now to think of all this in a POSITIVE light:

We can come to see this as a very exciting time of our evolution where we are starting to see the grand picture that God or our spiritual higher ups can share with us if we clean up our act!

We will be able to go to Mars and other planets. The same aliens/angels who can sabotage our nuclear missle silos can also allow us to advance our now more righteous civilization and go out into space!

We CAN have a great future! The pollution will stop, the air and water will be cleaner. We will no longer be eating dead animal flesh. We won’t have to pretend that we are righteous, we will be righteous!

There will be plenty of room on Earth for us. We have never really been overpopulated, just overcrowded in the cities. Most of the land mass on Earth was being used to raise livestock to be slaughtered for meat, but not anymore! There is easily enough agricultural landmass to feed everyone on Earth, even with today’s population numbers. Now this unused landmass can be given back to the buffalos, the Elk, and all the other wild animals that have lost this land to livestock agriculture.

Let’s clean up our act and have a wonderful future! Yahoo!!!

Recommended sources:

1) Ancient Aliens -- cable TV show in some networks shown on The History Channel
Also on the HULU website:

2) The Garden of Eden Project: