The Garden of Eden Project

The picture that you see on the homepage of this website is a VISION that can be manifested by anyone desiring to do so. This is a copy of the original picture that I drew from my heart. It is also the rough draft of the picture from whence the "5-ACRE DESIGN" was designed in great detail, as expanded upon in that link on the homepage.

It is the simplest, the most direct, the most organic, the most natural, the most picturesque, and the most harmonious EXAMPLE, that I show, of an ideal environment for human beings!

And now I will give you a little more detailed explanation: The 5 orange-brown, dome-shaped things are HOUSES, intended for 2 people each; in the upper-left of the picture is a BASKETBALL COURT; in the upper-right of the picture is a TENNIS COURT; the oval, blue thing in the upper center of the picture is a POND; the other 2 blue things that look a little like trees with black and green oval rings around them, are FOUNTAINS to put moisture into the air, and to run through on a hot summer's day, or for a relaxing place to sit around, on many days; in the upper-right, between the pond, the tennis court, the right fountain, and the central dome house, is a GAZEBO (the cylindrical, brown, cone-shaped structure) for rest, meditation, meals, meetings, etc.; the blue thing below the left fountain, near the center of the picture is a SMALLER POND; the small group of circles of bright colors near the bottom left of the picture is a FLOWER GARDEN; the black, hexagon-shaped structure in the center of the lower-right quadrant of the picture is a GRAPE ARBOR (with tables and chairs underneath it), as a place for meals, parties, grape harvest celebrations, etc.; the various green-colored lines within the very large brown circle (that takes up the entire lower-right quadrant of the picture) are various types of GRAPE VINES; and finally, the many various green-colored round blobs with various brown-colored lines under them that you see all over the picture are various types of FRUIT TREES and NUT TREES.

Vegetables, peanuts, soybeans (& other legumes), grains, melons and berries (not shown), can be planted between the trees. (While the trees are young they don't cast a very large shadow on the smaller crops.) Years later, the fruit and nut trees can provide a much larger proportion of the food. I encourage you to thoroughly research, plan and engineer your own community, because once you plant a tree, or put up a building, these will likely be there many, many years! For more detailed information on this design, see the "5-ACRE DESIGN" link on the hompage. Also see the other 3 sizes of land parcel desins on the homepage called: "10-ACRE DESIGN"; "20-ACRE DESIGN"; and especially the "40-ACRE DESIGN".

There are MANY books on the market and in libraries today describing many methods of doing organic gardening. I have listed a few good books below, but don't limit yourself to just these. Crop yield information and ripening charts will also be seen in this website.

Recommended books:

1) "Rodale's Book of Organic Gardening" Rodale Press

2) "Carrots Love Tomatoes" by Louise Riotte

3) "The Owner Built Homestead" by Ken & Barbara Kern