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Life would be SO EASY if we all (or most of us) were able to live on the land and each of us simply planted enough seeds into the soil to feed ourselves, and our immediate family! For example, if you ate 5 pounds of food per day, how long would it take to plant enough seeds to feed yourself that 5 pounds of food? The answer: NOT VERY LONG! Why? Think about it.

One seed (of almost any type of plant) produces many, many times its own weight, from planting-time to harvest-time! For example: One kernel of corn weighs about 3 grams, yet it produces a plant at maturity that has a few pounds of corn on it. The total weight of all these kernels of corn, at maturity, is many times greater than the weight of the one kernel of corn that you originally planted!

So, mathematically and biologically speaking, if you planted maybe 5 kernels of corn per day, everyday (to allow for: kernels that don't sprout; animals, insects, etc. that might eat the kernels before they reach maturity; and extra corn kernels to plant as seeds for the next season's crop), you would always have enough corn to eat everyday, when it was harvested! Of course very few people would want to eat only corn everyday, so if you planted maybe 20 different kinds of seeds (for 20 different kinds of foods), in the course of 1 week, you would always "Eat like a King" (or Queen, as the case may be), and yet spending, at the very most, an hour or two, per day, of actually planting seeds!!!

Of course, too, you would have to spend some time harvesting your daily food and preparing it (if necessary), as well as spending a little bit of time everyday making a little bit of compost and hoeing the soil a little bit, and maybe pulling (or eating) a few weeds, and maybe burying some of your decomposed excrement -- but -- by planting only as much per day as you, your immediate family, and a few other people (to trade with for your other material needs like clothing or whatever) would eat, it would take a minimum amount of time, at most, a few hours per day, for the average person!

And wouldn't it be nice to plant edible gardens in a landscaped way, like flower gardens are planted! Why not? If we are going to live on the land, the land might as well look nice, too! Naturally, if we could live on our own land, sufficiently large enough to grow all our own food (½ acre per person), it would be a natural enough desire to want to make the land that we live and eat from, have a landscaped appearance!!!

This, combined with gardening, at most, only a few hours per day, and eating only the finest, organic, freshest, and most delicious food possible, would seem to me to be a life that most peoplewould desire to live!!!

Remember, God did give us a free will, did He/She not? I believe that God never has, and never will force anybody to live in Eden! If we try to re-establish an Eden-like lifestyle here on Earth again, because we're not sure what the truth is (e.g.:"Which version of the Bible can we trust and why?"; or "If there is only one truth, why are there so many versions of the Bible?"), won't God at least bless us for trying to live the ecological way that He/She originally wanted us to live? Maybe the Garden of Eden Project will become the "paradigm shift" that we need!!!

And what about you? If you were creating your own Eden would you want to force somebody against their will to live there? Or would you want people to come to you because they wanted to live there? Which kind of person would you want to live with? I'll take the person that wants to live there, anyday, over someone forced to live there!!! They would be no fun at all!