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There is really nothing more important in this lifetime on planet Earth, than obtaining the best possible health that each one of us as humans can obtain, when you really stop and think about it. After all, if you're not perfectly healthy, how can you possibly enjoy life to its fullest when you have a slight headache, or when you have a slight stomach, cramps, constipation, colds, diarrhea, or you feel: weak; tired; dizzy; or if you have; cancer of the colon; heart disease; ulcers and so on? How can you enjoy anything to its fullest when even the minor aches and pains are constantly distracting you from the pleasures in life? Taking time to achieve this awareness and self-healing may be the most important thing that you do for yourself in this lifetime!

Many (or probably) most of us Americans and those of us in Western Civilization eat a diet that's primarily European-oriented. This is a "meat and potatoes" type diet, but usually includes some junk food (candy bars, "convenience" foods, snack foods, beer, wine, coffee, etc.). There are also, generally, a lot of processed foods included in this diet. However, none of these foods are part of a human being's NATURAL DIET, so therefore, ultimately, these foods will cause us harm.

We have also been told, for the longest time, that we need lots of protein. This is simply not true, generally speaking, unless you're a heavy weight-lifter or you do heavy labor. (Even Arnold Schwartzenegger said we overdo the protein.) Protein is a sticky, gluey substance that our bodies use for building tissues. Our bodies as adults, generally, do not constantly build up and tear down our tissues that much on a daily basis! It is true that we need some protein, but the body can only use a certain amount of it! The over-eating of protein does not make us stronger, but instead begins to plug up our tissues, vessels, and our intestinal tracts (also called "bowels"), which lessens our bodies' ability to keep our insides clean, manifests as bad breath and a very bad stench in the bowels when we "use the facilities". It constipates us if we eat too much protein.

Speaking of protein, generally, the highest foods in protein are: nuts; grains; beans and seeds. Therefore these foods should be eaten sparingly. The foods lowest in protein (but the highest in quick-energy and cleansing ability) are fruits. Meats are relatively high in protein, but contain other bad things, so they should be avoided. Vegetables are generally slightly higher in protein than fruits, but lower than meats, nuts, seeds, grains and beans. However there are exceptions like spinach, which is higher in protein than some seeds, nuts, grains and meats.

Starchy foods or "starches", like high protein foods, also tend to plug up our tissues, organs and intestinal tract. Potatoes, beans, grains, some processed and snack foods, potato chips, corn chips, cooked rice, etc. are all considered "starches" (also called carbohydrates). The human body does not use that much starch, normally. Although starches are known to create body warmth if needed in the wintertime, for example, and so for that reason it might be better to do a healing regime in warmer weather, as I will explain more later. Some starches will turn into sugar, under certain conditions. Carefully cooking starchy foods will turn some starch into sugar, which the body can use. Starch is present in many unripe fruits, as well. Some starches can turn into sugars, but it takes time.

Fats and oils are mostly unnatural, but in the body, these will sometimes, somewhat counteract the stickiness and glueyness of some proteins and starches. Vegetable oils, fats, butter, margarine, lard, etc. are often mixed in with other foods in cooking, or in processed foods, so these can make starches and proteins less of an obstruction while they're being eaten, but when the oil or fat is then extracted again by the stomach and intestines, these starches and proteins become just as sticky and gluey in the body, so the benefit obtained by adding oil or fat to starches and proteins is later lost, although in younger and more healthy bodies, the oil or fat is stored in one of the organs or glands and perhaps can aid in the digestive process. However, in the long run these unnatural foods will cause us problems, (like wrinkly skin and more).




The following information provides a very comfortable, economical and effective way to quickly improve almost anyone's health, generally speaking. The only equipment that you'll really need is a large salad bowl, a grater, a fork, a knife, a cooking pot with a well fitting lid, and a can opener, maybe.

Stay as close to this diet that is outlined on this webpage as you can, and I can assure you that within less than two weeks you will at least begin to notice a few definite changes in your overall health, from better digestive functioning to simply better, overall well-being.

The way this system works is to gently, systematically, gradually and safely cleanse out the entire intestinal tract. When the intestinal tract is functioning at its best, your body will automatically begin to heal itself by most effectively ridding itself of old, stored-up waste, feces, and toxins, which in time -- slowly and gradually -- make us grow old and rob us of vitality, and ultimately make us sick, if it is not eliminated from the body. This is, no doubt, the reason for most of the many illnesses in our culture, and the reason for growing old, prematurely.

With this diet, liquids of any kind should not be taken 1/2 hour before, during, or 1/2 hour after the meal, for best results, as liquids interfere with proper digestion of these foods.

The speed of cleansing out of the digestive tract depends upon qualities and quantities of food and can therefore be controlled and regulated according to the condition of the individual. The worst and by far the most unhealthy habit is the heavy breakfast. No solid food should be eaten in the early morning at all, if you desire to secure the best results. It is permissible to have the drink that you are accustomed to, but nothing else. If you find this difficult to do in the beginning, you may drink again later on, so that your lunch is taken on the empty stomach.

Generally speaking, you should not eat between meals, however, if you get unusually hungry, you may have a ripe banana or a few nuts, which should satisfy you. However, you may eat as much as you want during the meals, even if it's 3 or 4 bowls full! Unlike most foods, the more you eat of this salad, the more weight you will lose. However, don't go crazy, don't go to extremes, don't shock your system. Gradual changes are the best. But generally speaking you can safely eat a little more of this salad than you might normally eat.



LUNCH: A combination salad, consisting of raw grated carrots, cabbage, or both, half and half, and two or three spoonfuls of a stewed, steamed or canned vegetable such as green peas, string beans or spinach. Add to this one of the following items (whatever is in season): cucumbers; tomatoes; green onions; lettuce or other green leaf vegetables; celery; etc.; but only a sufficient quantity for a flavoring.

You may make an oil dressing according to your taste, if desired, using lemon juice (fresh) instead of vinegar -- for flavoring purposes only.(You can use avocado instead of oil, if you want.) The rest of the meal should consist of one baked, steamed, or stewed vegetable such as cauliflower, beets, parsnips, squash, etcetera. If you still feel as though you were hungry you may eat a small-sized baked potato or one slice of a natural bran or whole wheat bread, toasted. "Manna" or "Essene" brand breads are also excellent, and not too expensive. They are kept in the refrigerated sections of health food stores. Fats of any kind, including the ordinary butter, are unnatural and therefore should not be eaten. However, should you crave fats, it is best to use peanut butter (ground, roasted, 100% peanuts) or some other nut butter on your bread. During the winter months (or if you don't have a stove) canned vegetables may be used when green vegetables are not available. Drink the juice separately in the morning and mix the green beans, spinach, etc., with the salad stock described above, of cabbage or raw carrots. The object of this menu is to supply a "broom" to provide the means for mechanically cleansing the digestive tract by quantities of raw, baked, steamed or stewed starchless vegetables. This may be called  "Ehret's Standard Combination Salad", the "intestinal broom", spoken of so frequently (in Arnold Ehret's book: The Mucusless Diet Healing System), and so necessary for properly eliminating the stored-up poisons now being loosened during the body's housecleaning.

SUPPER: Mix (half-and-half) a stewed fruit such as applesauce, stewed dried apricots, stewed dried peaches, or stewed prunes with cottage cheese or with some ripe bananas -- mashed, sweetened with "raw" sugar or honey, to your taste. The bananas would be for a less "mucused" or less acid stomach. (The word "mucus" is the substance that appears in the throat when one gets a "cold"and is also present throughout much of the body of the average person, today. Arnold Ehret talks about a "mucusless diet" which consists of foods in the category of: fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds. Mucus-forming foods include: meats; dairy; eggs; high-protein & high-starch foods; and highly-processed foods.)



LUNCH: First a baked apple, apple sauce or other stewed dried fruit. After ten or fifteen minutes a salad as suggested in the first menu, and bran or whole wheat bread toasted if still hungry. Cow butter should be gradually avoided and replaced by a vegetable or nut butter during the "transition". By allowing the cooked vegetables to soak on the salad for ten or fifteen minutes, it serves the purpose of a dressing.

SUPPER: A baked, stewed, or steamed vegetable as suggested in the first menu, followed with a vegetable salad made of lettuce and cucumber or raw celery or a little natural cold slaw.


LUNCH: During the summer this should be an exclusive fruit meal -- one kind only. In winter a sweet dried fruit, for example; prunes, figs, raisins, or dates can be chewed together with a very few nuts, then followed by the fresh fruits. If in the beginning this fails to satisfy, wait for ten or fifteen minutes and then eat a few leaves of lettuce or a cold vegetable either cooked or raw, but just a small quantity.

SUPPER: A combination salad as suggested in the first menu, followed by a baked vegetable.


LUNCH: Fruits as in previous menus.

SUPPER: First eat fruits, either baked or stewed, or fresh, followed a little later by a cold cooked vegetable or better still a vegetable salad.

If you find that you are losing weight too rapidly, the elimination should be slowed down by eating a natural, whole wheat bread or potatoes after the vegetables. Should you feel an intense craving, in the beginning, for meat -- a great desire returning which you cannot resist, then eat vegetables only on that day and NO FRUITS.

If this system is followed properly, as outlined above, and as described in Arnold Ehret's books, the results are almost too fantastic to be believed by someone who has never done this. My own experience with following this system was absolutely incredible. My senses were all at their sharpest, and not only did I not feel bad, I actually felt better than I had ever felt before in my life, including my childhood. I felt so good that I wanted to go around hugging people all day and teaching them how to achieve this most wonderful state of health.

There are a few more things that you need to know and take into consideration about this system of health: 1) In NATURE we find the ultimate answer in health; 2) Doctors (M.D.s/Allopaths) can never completely heal you. They give people drugs and medicines which are unnatural, therefore the body reacts mysteriously. When a doctor gives us a drug and we get partial healing, what is really going on?

For example, if a person breaks out in a rash, a doctor gives them a drug to make the rash go away. The rash sometimes does go away, but the patient does not, overall, become healthier. But why does the rash disappear? It is important to understand what is actually going on in the body. To understand why the person broke out in a rash in the first place, we must further visualize what the body looks like inside. We must remember that the human body is composed of many tubes and vessels which carry blood and other fluids to and from various parts of the body. When these passageways become plugged up, the body starts to malfunction. The body naturally rids itself of toxins by means of the bloodstream by carrying toxins, waste, etc., to the bladder and bowels, to be evacuated when one urinates or has a bowel movement. When these (bladder and bowels/intestines) get PLUGGED UP, even PARTIALLY, the body must find a different route to carry these toxins away -- a way to rid itself of these toxins as fast as possible, especially if the toxins are bad. So the fastest way for the body to do this is by pushing it through the skin. THIS, then, is what the rash is caused by.

 It all starts in the colon (intestinal tract). When the colon becomes plugged, even partially, we slowly start to poison ourselves with the uneliminated feces or waste. This system and diet is designed to SAFELY, COMFORTABLY, SYSTEMATICALLY and GRADUALLY loosen up, stir up and eliminate any and all waste from the body, which otherwise will only detract  from your clarity, vitality, health and well-being. Your body automatically gets rid of wastes when the digestive system is functioning properly. But how can it function when it is filled up with the starchy, gluey, or hardened waste of foods? One good bowel movement per day means nothing. This system is designed to systematically and thoroughly remove any and all waste from your system, in time.

However,a word of caution is in order here: It is advisable to only make gradual changes in your eating habits. Why? Because (especially if you are elderly or very sick), if these old stored up wastes or toxins, which are currently embedded deep in your tissues, become loosened TOO RAPIDLY, these toxins re-entering your bloodstream will make you feel: weak; ill; tired and can manifest into any number of illnesses. This is why FRUITARIANISM and is so rare and misunderstood.

Fruit is the perfectly natural cleansing food for us. However, if we try to become fruitarians overnight (or in a few days or a few weeks) the fruit would stir up far too many toxins for our bladder and bowels to handle, and we would become deathly ill! Most people who have tried to become fruitarians have had this experience of becoming ill, and while in this state of toxicity, have erroneously concluded that "Fruitarianism is not meant for me!", because, unfortunately, they didn't really understand that they were actually beginning a cleaning out process, and that if they had intelligently followed a systematic cleaning out process (as described in Arnold Ehret's book), they would have experienced the best feelings of health, in their entire life, once the old waste had left their system!

The fruit and nut diet is actually the biologically correct food for human beings, but the average person of today eats so totally wrong, that their system almost immediately becomes over-burdened with dissolved waste from the tissues as soon as they start eating fruit exclusively, or if they start fasting.

Maybe now you can understand why people without experience or knowledge of this become easily deceived into thinking that it was the fruit itself (or the fast) that made them feel: sick; weak; tired; etc., when they attempted to become a fruitarian (or did a fast) without this knowledge.

The Mucusless Diet Healing System (as briefly described on this website) is a tried and true method of healing that had great success in Europe in the early part of the 20th Century. The diet outlined here is referred to as the "Transition Diet", because it enables a person to make a "transition" over to a fruit and nut diet, while minimizing the discomfort of eliminating their old waste (called "dis-ease").

Another good intestinal cleanser is the enema. "Taking an enema" is a process by which we flush out the intestinal tract with water, via an "enema bag" (available at many drug stores). This process greatly speeds up the purification of the intestines. For more info on how to take an enema, read "The Mucusless Diet Healing System" by Arnold Ehret.

Other important parts of "staying healthy" are: resting when tired; moderate stretching and exercising; keeping a happy state of mind; and love.

This simple but VITAL information is a major key in helping us humans to heal the ecology, too, because a variety of fruit and nut trees planted all over the planet will TREEmendously enable humans to return to a harmonious relationship with NATURE , in a "Garden of Eden", and enable us to easily produce enough food to feed all people and even animals. We will be able to stop raising so much livestock (which currently requires a huge amount of cropland, pastureland and water [unbeknown to many people]). Environmentally speaking, tree crops , instead of so many acres of grain (livestock feed) crops, will benefit the atmosphere by creating more oxygen, through photosynthesis, and will help to make the climate and weather more stable, IF it is done on a LARGE SCALE. However, why don't we be intelligent about the planting of trees and plant them in well-planned-out "landscaped", BIO-DIVERSE FORESTS of every variety possible to grow, instead of planting all one kind of tree, in long, strait (boring) rows, as is currently done in our existing orchards?


The word "health" as it is used in this text, refers to being in such a youthful, and energetic condition that one would appear to be around the age of 20 or so, and to maintain full functioning of the body and total clarity of all the senses. That is healthy!

If you are unable to follow the "Transition Diet", as described here, for one reason or another, at least try to eat your foods in the order of the most easily digestible, first, and the heaviest, last, as shown in the following sequence: raw fruits; cooked fruits; raw vegetables; cooked vegetables; cooked starchy vegetables (like potatoes); cooked grains; nuts.

_____SAMPLE BUDGET for the daily "Transition Diet" menu:

3/4 pound of carrots @ $0.99/pound................................... $0.75

1 or 2 cloves of garlic @ $2.99/pound................................... 0.10

1 lemon................................................ ................................. 0.90

1 bunch parsley..................................................................... 1.69

2 tablespoons of sesame oil @ $9.00/bottle.......................... 0.25

1 bunch of spinach................................................................. 2.50

1/4 loaf sprouted whole grain bread @ $6.00/loaf................ 1.50

1 oz. fresh ground peanut butter @ $4.99/pound.............. 0.31

1/2 pound bananas @ &0.99/pound...................................... 0.50

1/2 jar applesauce @ $5.00/32 ounce jar.............................. 2.50

1/2 ounce Agave nectar @ $5.00/16 ounce container.......... 0.16

DAILY TOTAL .....................................................................$11.16

[1] The majority of the material on this webpage taken from the book: The Mucusless Diet Healing System by Arnold Ehret. Available at New Age and online bookstores. Arnold Ehret's other main book: Rational Fasting, also available at New Age bookstores and online bookstores.