RESIDENCE OPTIONS: The Plastered Straw Bale House

Scattered around PICTORIAL A1, there are 5 small, red-orange circles with the numbers: 7, 10, 14, 15 and 18 next to them. These represent spaces where you might want to put RESIDENCES. Perhaps they could all be Plastered Straw Bale Houses. As the design above shows, they could be 35-foot diameter, 962 square feet each, for one level or floor, and double that, 1924 square feet, counting both floors.
Plastered straw bale houses would make excellent, cheap, ecological and quick-built housing. These structures are known to be very quiet inside, due to the thickness of the walls. They also insulate against cold and hot weather very well!
There are also many books on dwelling designs at the libraries and at bookstores. Architects and engineers may also have many designs for these, as well. I hope you choose the most organic, ecological dwelling as possible! I cannot help you more than this. I am not an engineer with a college degree, nor an architect. I am a visionary writer and artist with a science & engineering background.