Excerpts from the book: Earth in The Balance
(Earth In The Balance by Al Gore, copyright 1992.)

Below are just a few quotes from Al Gore's book: Earth In The Balance, which he wrote while still a senator, before he bacame Vice President of the United States, back in 1992. Just more ecological information from a different source!

p.23 "There are more different species of songbirds in one acre of the Amazon than there are in all of North America.
"Fast-food beef" is primary factor in Amazon Rainforest clearing.

p.24 "Living species of animals and plants are now vanishing around the world 1000 times faster than at anytime in the past 65 million years."

p.68 "One of the most important and well-documented climate fluctuations is known as the Little Ice Age (1550-1850), which was associated with significant social changes all across Europe."

p.173 "...93% [of Americans] support a proposal for 'the U.S. using its position to get other countries to join together to take action against world environmental problems.'"

p.178 "We can either wait for change to be imposed on us (by the ecology) - and so increase the risk of catastrophe - or we can make some difficult changes on our own terms, and so reclaim control of our destiny."

p.191 "There is something fundamentally wrong in treating the Earth as if it were a business in liquidation."

p.247 "...the idea of social injustice is inextricably linked in the Scriptures with ecology. In passage after passage, environmental degradation and social injustice go hand in hand. Indeed, the first instance of "pollution" in the Bible occurs when Cain slays Abel and his blood falls on the ground, rendering it fallow. According to Genesis, after the murder when Cain asks, 'Am I my brother's keeper?', the Lord replies, 'Your brother's blood has defiled the ground and that as a result, 'no longer will it yield crops for you, even if you toil on it forever.'"

p.260 "[Mohammed] 'Whoever plants a tree and diligently looks after it until it matures and bears fruit is rewarded.'"

p.261 "[Mohammed] ordered his troops: 'Do not cut down a tree, do not abuse a river, do not harm animals, and be always kind and humane to God's creation, even to your enemies.'"

p.269 "I have come to believe that we must take bold and unequivocal action: we must make the rescue of the environment the central organizing principal for civilization."