Inspirational Music for a Garden of Eden

Click on the links to these music videos from "youtube" below for a little Garden Of Eden inspiration!
Be sure to click on the "full screen" icon on the you tube video to fully appreciate the visuals and when
finished, hit the Esc key on your keyboard and then click the "back arrow" to come back to this page!

Question – music that summons a question we all may have

Woodstock -- some Garden of Eden inspiration?

A nice, friendly beginning -- perhaps from a past lifetime?
Lovely To See You

To get you started, go with the flow of this music!
Departure/Ride My See Saw

Some appreciation of morning on Earth:
Morning Has Broken

Some blue sky inspiration:
Crystal Blue Persuasion

"In the Garden of Eden baby, don't you know that I love you..."
Real 60s Rock N' Roll! - Iron Butterfly!
In A Gadda Da Vida

Maybe this song will inspire some love for us:
You And Me

Living a real Garden of Eden may be The Balance - food for thought:
The Balance

A little magic from Olivia Newton John:

This song maybe shows us where the Garden of Eden is at right now
-- mostly just in our heads!
The Land of Make Believe

Some music to meditate by:
One More Time To Live