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Plans for Creating a Biologically Sustainable Environment
for a non-religious (or religious) Garden of Eden type Lifestyle.
This is NOT a Utopian dream. This is based on SCIENCE.

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Howdy fellow humans!
How are you doing?
Below are the MAIN BENEFITS
of the Garden of Eden Project:

It would only require 12% of the landmass of the Earth for EVERYONE on Earth to live this way! Compare this to the 38% now used for agriculture alone, worldwide. So this 38% would not be needed. So 38% minus 12% is 26% LESS LAND THAN WE USE NOW! Since people living on this 12% would not need additional outside housing, THAT would save even MORE SPACE. Yet people living on this 12% of the Earth's land would have MORE space EACH than a person living in the cities TODAY! I know that seems impossible but this is all mathematically true. So most of the houses, apartment buildings, etcetera would no longer be needed. Much more of this land could be restored back to natural habitat for wild animals, forests, etcetera. (Click on the INTRODUCTION link to the left of the picture above for more information on this!)

    • The pollution on Earth would be far less!
    • We would have a smaller carbon footprint!
    • WE would be better off ecologically!
    • We would have less greenhouse gases
    • We would have the biggest selection of fresh, organic plant foods anywhere!
    • All excrement would be buried, eliminating topsoil loss!
    • Food waste would all be composted!
    • There would be far less air pollution!
    • There would be more wildlife habitat available!
    • There would be far less Livestock animals suffering!
    • There would be less crowding in big cities!
    • There would be way less semi truck traffic hauling millions of tons of farm food to the cities!
    • There would be way less pollution from all those tractors and farm equipment plowing fields, harvesting etcetera!
    • And finally, people would be happier and healthier!

All of the facts above are explained in further detail throughout this website!

So how would you like to live in total harmony with Nature while eating the freshest, organic healthy foods on Earth in full abundance growing all around you?

How would you actually like to be in a Garden of Eden where you lived in nice little dome houses surrounded by concentric circles of different types of fruit and nut trees? Sounds cool doesn’t it? Sound impossible? Too difficult to build it? Today we have better technology than ever before on Earth, in some cases. So why don’t we do it?

So what would a REAL Garden of Eden look like? Something like the picture above, right? There are 4 LINKS to the left of the picture above named: 5 ACRE DESIGN, 10 ACRE DESIGN, 20 ACRE DESIGN and 40 ACRE DESIGN. If you click on each one of these it will show a different PICTORIAL of what a Garden of Eden could look like. These 4 designs, unlike the picture above, are actually precision designed. That is, the size of the houses are drawn proportionally to the size of the main building, etc.. So that when you look at the many circles of dots (trees) in the PICTORIALs, you are actually lookiing at the correct DISTANCE between each dot drawn to scale.

All the rest of the items in these PICTORIALs are also drawn in a proportional scale. So these Pictorials actually give you a drawing which is useful in planning a real piece of land for your Garden of Eden. The only thing NOT to scale is the SIZE of each dot representing a tree. My spreadsheet program couldn’t make the size of the dot to scale, but the DISTANCE BETWEEN each dot IS to scale.

So you may want to create your own spreadsheet to customize your own Garden of Eden using your own trees. This will depend on what your local climate is like and which trees your local nursery sells which would grow properly in the place where you will grow your own Garden of Eden.

Each tree has a different planting distance. So, for example, if you want each circle of trees to be a different type of tree (as I have done there) you may need to use some mathematics, geometry and spreadsheets to firgure it all out. So click HERE to see this information.


There is actually room enough for every single man, woman and child on Earth to do this, while taking up only 12% of the land on Earth and everyone gets 1/2 acre per person to feed themselves adequately and plenty of room for living and recreation. Sound impossible? Read on, it's all mathematically correct...

Can you imagine what our world would be like, if even 30% of the people on our planet lived a Garden of Eden type of lifestyle as I have shown here? A life where all the food that people ate was the most delicious, organic and healthy food that Mother Earth can provide? All the food that you ate was growing all around you in a landscaped forest of fruit and nut trees (NOT an orchard with straight even rows) but trees arranged in concentric circles, with each type of tree spaced the proper distance apart to allow for the maximum size of each tree? (Look at the Pictorials in the links to the left of the picture above -- the 5 ACRE DESIGN, the 10 ACRE DESIGN, the 20 ACRE DESIGN, the 40 ACRE DESIGN for more specifics). So you would have these trees along with every other type of plant food that you can imagine. How cool is that?

Have you ever stopped to think what the positive implications of that would be? Well I have, and so have many others. You would be surprised at how many benefits there would be to not only yourself, but to other people, animals and the rest of Nature, as well. Checking out this website, you will find out some of the ways that living a Garden of Eden lifestyle will greatly improve all life on Earth!

When I envision a Garden of Eden lifestyle, I do not think think of humans living like monkeys! In my vision, we would live in an environment of organic fruit and nut trees with our state of the art soft technology domes or whatever (as you will see in the drawings). We would have computers, Internet, television and other media and we would not be isolated from the rest of the world.

This website was created to show you some mathematically, biologically, and ecologically feasible samples of designs that could give you or your community a starting plan to build realistic communities that honor the most sacred laws of Nature, and to help you create a Garden of Eden lifestyle, for yourself and a small community.

The Edenic way of living would allow people to completely feed themselves from the land that they live on, while eating the freshest organic food on Earth, all at a cost that would be far less expensive than buying it in a store. This food would supply the human body with biologically correct nutrition, thus helping to reduce or eliminate many common illnesses present in today's world.

The Edenic way would also enable more people to spend less time working at full-time jobs. More people would only need part-time jobs. People would grow their own food here, but it would require, on the average, less than 2 hours per day of labor, at the most, to produce these foods. (Click HERE for more info.) This would allow more time for more personal human activities.

All in all, the Garden of Eden way of life would be: more ecological; more economical; use less space but give more personal space and allow more leisure time than the way the average human being on Earth today is currently living. Read on!

These communities are designed for vegan vegetarians. There would be no livestock raising-for-food here. Being a vegan vegetarian alone, honors and respects the animal kingdom.

If you are not a vegan vegetarian, but would like to become one, please check out these links. If you would like to read a very positive, inspiring vision for America click here.

In doing the research to design these communities, I discovered that currently one quarter of an acre of land is enough land to grow an average of about 7 pounds of vegetarian food per day for one person. (Click HERE for more info.)

Also one of the main problems we have in the world today is topsoil loss. The demise of all the great civilizations of the world has been due to topsoil loss! If you don't have good soil, you don't have healthy crops! This Garden of Eden Project suggests a plan to deal with our own human excrement in a way that totally converts excrement back into mineral-rich, organic topsoil to be put back into the LAND, not into the sewer systems and not out into our waterways! While we may well be eating healthy, mineral-rich foods, much of the mineral content from these good foods that we eat ends up in our excrement. We need our human excrement to be put back into the land in a healthy organic way where our plants can eventually get all the nutrients back from the foods that we once ate. Of course all this has to be done in a manner that allows plenty of time for all the bacteria to do its job of breaking down our excrement back into organic soil. Click HERE to see a sample of the plan we have.

People living in these Garden of Eden communities, with ˝ acre each, would have more land than current city-dwellers have: more personal space as well as more recreational space.

The mathematical & biological fact is that if every single man woman and child on Earth was given 1/4 acre of land for food and 1/4 acre of land for recreation and shelter (1/4 acre + 1/4 acre = ˝ acre), we in fact would only require about 12% of all the land on Earth! Even though this may SEEM to be really "crowding us together", the truth is that we would all have FAR MORE SPACE THAN WE CURRENTLY HAVE LIVING IN CITIES! However, that is even LESS LAND than is currently being used by agriculture alone, because the vast majority of agricultural land on Earth is being used for livestock raising. That is the truth! Do the math!!!

You may have heard in the media that we humans are "overpopulated". I think this is the wrong term to use to describe the ecological problem on Earth. Perhaps the phrase "overcrowded in cities" would be more accurate. I believe the ecological problem on Earth is NOT too many people, but rather, too many people NOT LIVING IN HARMONY WITH NATURE! If there is an overpopulation problem on Earth, perhaps we should first look at reducing the number of livestock animals raised for food in the world, and especially in the United States. The fact is that cattle, all by themselves take up over 25% of the landmass of the planet! (1) By simply reducing or eliminating meat altogether from our diets we could automatically reduce the OVERPOPULATION OF LIVESTOCK, thus reducing the impact of these huge numbers of domesticated animals on the ecology. A United Nations report shows that cattle raising alone is the single greatest threat to global warming. (click here to see the article. Also for more information on this topic click here.)

Another wonderful thing about this Garden of Eden Project is that because it would only require about 12% of the land area of the Earth for EVERYONE on the planet to live like this (and I get that of course everyone is not going to want to live like this) But if say 80% of everyone did live like this, that would leave about 88% of the land left over. So what do we do with this 88%? How about maybe 15% for cities and high tech centers and the other 73% to be restored back to natural habitat and original eological habitats for wild animals and Native lifestyle people who want to return to a Native lifestyle as their ancestors lived hundreds of years ago? If we all could live in peace like this Everybody wins, right?

For more information on these Garden of Eden designs, use the links on the upper-left side of this webpage. I welcome any comments, ideas and suggestions. You can e-mail me at the address below.

If you are inspired by this website then I've done my job. I have no resources to speak of to build this but you are welcome to use any of this info to start your own community. I would like to create a version of this myself, but am also realistic enough to know that it ain't gonna happen without someone with big bucks stepping forward to get the ball rolling!

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1. From the book: Beyond Beef by Jeremy Rifkin, copyright 1992, by Dutton Publishing Co.